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Antique Textiles

At the moment, there is a fairly good supply of antique textiles available in Eastern Europe and Western Canada. Most date from the late 19th to the early 20th century.


Linen Yardage

We usually have a good cross-section of plain, blue-striped and red-striped rolls in varying lengths and textures.

Grain Bags

As with the yardage, the supply is not endless, but we try to maintain a good cross-section of all kinds.


In limited quantities - each is unique.


Still inexpensive for the labour involved in the making.


In limited quantities, these are centre-seamed and vary somewhat in both width and length.

Towels - Embroidered

A seemingly endless variety of patterns.

Towels - Handwoven

These are still available in some quantity.


Only ever a few in stock; vests and full-length embroidered coats; often minor flaws


Hand embroidered; with each design unique.

Floor Runners

Mostly from Slovakia, and in varying lengths (sometimes as long as 30 meters).

Linen Sheets

Depending on size, with one or two seams.

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